Marketing Online in 2018

In 2018 there have been a flurry of marketers or wannabe marketers to be honest, trying to make a buck online.

If you just Google “make money online” or some other term like that, you’ll get a ton of searches and also a lot of Youtube videos. It seems that Youtube videos are a plenty with this topic as a lot of tubers are looking to push products on you to buy in order to help you succeed online.

You need to be aware of some marketers though as they will definitely only be in it for the money. Let’s face it, the top dogs in Marketing like Russel Brunson or Neil Patel are also in it for the money but they have results to back up their words.  It’s the small guys that have no credibility that you need to watch out for.

Even smaller marketers like Alex Becker and Franklin Hatchett may not be as popular, but they put out good products, some of which we may review here.

Finding a good course to buy should not be difficult, but getting the right one for you will be. Some people spend thousands of dollars on courses before they see success.

This is not meant to deter you, but prepare you.

Finding your niche online isn’t easy, but once you find it, stick with it and never give up. There will be setbacks like in any business but if you stick with it the the rewards will come. This is of course if you have done your homework and people are actually looking for the stuff that you are pushing.